Are you using Google Remarketing?

Are you using Google Remarketing?

Are you using Google remarketing on your website?  It is something that few website owners consider using and most have never heard of this form of digital advertising.

Here we break it down into straightforward English that you can understand in this blog.

How does Google remarketing work?

When a customer clicks a link or just browses your website by accident a small piece of code adds them to a remarketing list. What happens next is Google’s magic sauce. When they click on another site that uses the Google ads platform, your ad is put in front of them.

With Remarketing, you can use animated images, text ads, responsive ads, static images or video depending on what you wish to use in your ad.

The snippet of code places cookies on the browsers of your site visitors and Google then remarkets those visitors with your ad(s).

It Is Cost-Effective?

In the current economic climate, cost-effectiveness is one of the first questions to be asked. Remarketing is more affordable than any other remarketing channel. On each sale your ads help make, you are spending less money because the remarketing circle is getting more and more accurate.

What are conversion rates like compared to PPC?

Remarketing has a higher conversion rate than if you were using  PPC advertising. It also does it at a lower cost because the visitors to your site who are remarketed have already shown intent by searching your website and with remarketing, that intent can be turned to conversion into a sale of a product or service.

Is it customizable?

Absolutely. One of the areas where Google excels is in their display choices you can make and your ability to customize any part of your remarketing campaign.

Google allow you to customize your ads based on mobile apps, languages, different devices, names of locations used in Google searches, types of product or service searched as well as geographical location – making it a great tool for local SEO.

Do you get a wider reach?

With millions of websites all over the world, Google’s ability to reach almost 90% of them can give a product or service a far wider reach than it would otherwise get. It is also a more targeted reach.

PPC is lower

Remarketing makes your ad click more effective which results in a lower advertising cost.

Better timed ads

As they say, timing is everything and with remarketing, ads are displayed when shoppers are looking for products similar to yours online so it is far more targeted than other methods of marketing.